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Stilling the Mental Body

The Mighty Elohim Speaks on the Seven Steps of Perception, p 36

The mental body is two-fold. It is the receptive consciousness into which the Pattern comes; then, it is perceived, accepted, and when it has been grounded in the mind, the great creative power of the mental body begins to act in a controlled, channeled and rhythmic manner. It creates around the seed idea the form thereof, cutting out of Universal Light the pattern which is necessary to enable that form to become a manifest expression.

Then the mental body summons the feelings and asks the light thereof to flood through that thought-form rhythmically until that form is filled and lowered into etheric substance. From the etheric substance, it is lowered into precipitate manifest form. The rhythm and uniformity of the nourishment of your pattern and design will determine the speed of its manifestation; will determine the quality of your thought externalised; will determine how long it will live in this world of form, and will also determine the blessings which such a precipitation will be to the rest of this race.

There is nothing new under the sun!  If we open our spiritual eyes, all the patterns we can ever need are there!  


Practicing with power: Practicing dying in a pure way

What better aspiration could we mortals have than this! Thank you Ryan for your great kindness in guiding us.
Let our trailing cloaks of Bodhi blowing out behind us as we streak along the path carry all sentient beings!
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Kadampa Working Dad

In virtually all of our sadhana practices, there is some form of self-generation practice. Self-generation practice, in short, is training in dying and being reborn as the deity.  One of the most common definitions of samsara is “uncontrolled rebirth.”  Without freedom or control, we are thrown from one samsaric rebirth to another.  Attaining liberation from samsara, therefore, is taking control of the death process so that we can take rebirth in a controlled way as a deity in a pure land.  Our training in self-generation as the deity is the method for gaining such control.  If we learn how to die and take a pure rebirth in our practice there is a high probability we will be able to actually do so at the time of our actual death.  There are two reasons for this.  First, every time we train in self-generation, we create new karmic pathways in our mind…

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The Joy of Zen (II)

Beautiful! Thank you for your kindness in posting this wonderful image. The scenes form this dream are sublime!

I am a Nirvana Buddhist practising in Japan. My mission is to reach out to all people of faith in one heart so that we can unite our light and focus! Only this way will we liberate all sentient beings. All rivers of faith flow into the great ocean of Nirvana!
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In PURE LAND, you can have a rest in the joy of Buddhist landscapes.

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The Joy of Zen (II)

The Gate Open to the World

The seven-day practice of Zen is available to the public yearly, which attracts lots of believers to stay and practice Zen in the temple. Unlike other temples, Bolin Temple has never charged for tickets since it reopened in 1988. Whether you are a monk or a householder (householder here refers to the Buddhist who does not become a monk in a temple, but keep practicing Buddhism at home), you can register for a temporary living arrangement in the guestrooms.

According to Mater Mingyi, merely the reception can attract more than 10,000 persons yearly. Most of them are householders. The Bolin Temple welcomes those who are interested in Buddhism, offering a harbor…

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Mindfulness: Be Simple and Easy, Just Rest in Awareness (I) – A lesson from Munindra, a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar

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MINDFULNESS (SATI): Awareness. An alert state of mind that should be cultivated constantly as the foundation for understanding and insight.

A Dictionary of Buddhism, Oxford University Press

For many students, Munindra’s best  teachings took place outside the meditation hall in a very ordinary and detailed way.  According to his students, “he was the epitome of mindfulness all the time.”

“We’d be walking along, and my mind would be running.” Says one of the master’s students, Akasa. “He would say, ‘Oh, look! See the little flower!’ he would bend to look at it and say, ‘See, it grows like this.’ He would lightly touch it, taking me out of my head and back to the earth, back to what was right there. You could say he distracted me back to the present moment. He was very good and very soft with that. Munindra would say, ‘Pay attention…

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