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Have you ever experienced real, unconditional joy? Have you every been completely certain of something? Have you ever been totally committed to someone or something other than yourself? Have you ever stepped out of the confines of your mind into the universe?

I can sincerely say ‘yes’ to all of the above. Since I was a tiny child I have known that there are many fabulous secrets to our existence which will one day be revealed to me if I look in the right place. And I have always known that there was much more to existence than just this one human life with all its suffering and frustration, its ephemeral happiness, its dark beckoning womb. Transformation and Transcendence are well within our reach if we cease to see everything from inside the room of our making, our mind. We can open the window or the door, walk outside, muse in the garden of no-conditions and truth.

I hope my site will inspire you to Transform and Transcend. The universe is good and pure, and we conscious humans are part of that universe. It’s only the egocentric grasping mind, the envious and ignorant heart, that can contaminate our purity and goodness. And only we each have control of our minds and hearts. Only we can make the executive decision to take control, starting right now!

The two greatest moments in my life were: first, when I encountered the teachings of the Buddha Shyakyamuni; and second, when I was first able to put aside my own needs and desires entirely, and devote myself to others unconditionally. These shining events were when the true joy flooded in and the suffering emptied away!

My life has been truly privileged in that I was born in multicultural Britain so I was exposed to many religions and belief systems, and explored them enthusiastically. I know that all religious pathways are heading towards the summit of the same mountain, but approaching from different directions. Experiencing other paths made me able to be certain of my path when I encountered so I wish to pay homage to those other paths on this site, and create opportunities for dialogue. This section will be called ‘Faith Moments.’

I have also written many things about my pathway, including several novels. These will be available in the section called ‘works.’ Japanese Buddhism is as yet fairly unknown outside Japan, so there will be some brief explanation of common terms in the section called ‘glossary.’

I will be grateful for any comments or questions, and the opportunity to communicate with other pathsters who care to join me.

Nirvana Linden

‘Knock upon yourself as upon a door, and walk upon yourself as on a straight road. For if you walk on that path, you cannot go astray; and when you knock on that door, what you open for yourself shall open.’

Silvanus: 1st century, AD


Angel’s Wood by Mariko Kinoshita

How this site works: future articles, etc.

At the top of the home page which contains all the regular articles you will find various headings which contain static pieces.

Realisations: this will try to illustrate the realisations, as they are called by Buddhists, which I have experienced in my life, and in the life of other pathsters I have encountered on my journey. This will link with ‘My Path So Far’ – my Buddhist path so far.

My teachers: This is a list of my teachers

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