Interfaith tolerance and embracement among all seekers, no matter what they seek.


Nirvana Buddha by H.H. Master Shinjo ito

Nirvana Buddha
by H.H. Master Shinjo ito

I and my Buddhist sangha (community), Shinnyo-en of the Nirvana teachings based in Japan, are engaged in promoting religious friendship and harmony. We want to encourage exchange among all seekers so we can attempt to be in one heart with each other.

It goes without saying that we, all seekers, have total allegiance and devotion to our individual gurus, masters and teachers, our own precious practices and philosophies, and that we take only one medicine to cure all our ills (we receive only one teaching), but we are also all involved in training to be better or perfect compassion human beings (in Buddhism Bodhisattvas). Our goal is to live in a compassionate non-judgmental way in our daily lives, and this is our common bond as those seeking complete inner and outer peace and harmony (‘Nirvana,’ ‘Enlightenment,’ the extinguishing of all cravings and suffering’ as this state is described in Buddhism). There is no question of conversion or engendering doubt because we are each firmly following our faith instincts (‘karmic imprints’ in Buddhism).


When we can find an equanimous way to relate to each other, our powers as a huge group of seekers of spiritual excellence, will be intensified to make even greater transformations in the human world of suffering (samsara in Buddhism), and to bring all beings to a state of enduring happiness. When we can learn to understand each other in a non-judgmental and loving way, we will activate Shouju ( 症状じゅ) – embracement beyond all barriers of religion, culture, language and borders. When we can embrace each other, trust each other completely, then the bridge between the visible and the invisible worlds will be reinforced  so that all beings can cross to the shore of Nirvana and beyond.

bridge of faith

In this secular world of pluralism and diversity pitched at an overwhelming level, surely we can deepen our global friendship and understanding. We can share our current struggles and challenges in some way, and so learn about all the rivers of faith which flow into the huge ocean of all divinity (Nirvana in Buddhism).

We would love to hear your feelings on reading this proposition.


In gassho (namaste), with the greatest of loving kindness