You are Goodness

This way of seeing the world is the essence of Buddhism.

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

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Materials, possessions, appropriations, membership,

rivals, ambition, boundaries, nationalisms, differences………….

These are ulterior motives, ulterior agendas.

They are the bywords of life in the world of form

which are repeated internally, consciously or

allowed to drone away in the unconscious.

They are built into our conditioning and

education but they are a fabrication,

a conspiratorial dream we are forced to

participate in if we want to find human success

and respect and approval from our social witnesses.

700 years ago a small group of Christian mystics

moved around Europe defying the dominant

Church of Rome and living out the opposites

of these bywords in their lives.

They had no church, no fabric to ostentatiously

display their faith or liturgies with.

Instead, they found secluded meeting places

in mountain passes and forests to listen to

those where were ready to receive their final blessings.

They had no possessions,

needing little to live…

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