Smothered by words

This shows how words and images have replaced direct experience of life.

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

A group of people meeting each other for the first time sit in a room in a circle.  They are asked not to speak but just to look around.

As they look out at each other and their environment, all of them start to whisper descriptions of their circle mates inside their heads, some complimentary, some not. Meanwhile their masks smile and they long to talk with rough words which will somehow help them to learn about these new people. Most of us are taught that words help us to learn about the world when we are children.

But thoughts and words are a sheer reaction to the outside world. Therefore, the individual True Nature of each person in the circle is not present. They are each effectively  a constellation of words and thoughts and skin.

They are looking out but only at the waves not…

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