Not the same for even a moment



Maulinputta, a devout disciple  came to Buddha and humbly apologized for having offended the Buddha the previous day. This disciple had been enlightened for a long time and was a great scholar of the scriptures, one of the most famous pundits of the realm.  The Buddha was taken aback and claimed that he had done nothing to offend. 

But Maulinputta insisted that he must apologise and vowed never to make the same mistake again. And again the Buddha denied that one of his most respected disciples had done nothing wrong.  

A third time he came to apologise, but Buddha turned to him and told him that he promised to convey his apology to the person he had offended if he came across him. Once again he reassured the disturbed Maulinputta that he had not offended the Buddha. 

Then seeing the distress of his beloved disciple, he sat down with him and explained tenderly.

Maulinputta, the man you think you offended no longer exists.

The disciple was perplexed by this, asking urgently for more clarification for fear of losing his indispensable guru.

I am not the same as I was even 1 second ago.  So I am completely different to the man you think you offended yesterday.

Maulinputta’s eyes lit up realizing that Buddha was teaching him.

Maulinputta, you are still attached to these visual tricks of the mind. Remember, all life is sheer energy constantly moving, like a fast-running mountain stream.  You cannot hold on to anything except the fast-running spirit enveloping us. Step in the stream and feel the flow. This is your liberation Maulinputta.



Divine Thread: from the gallery

Divine Thread


Most of us live in a world in which the past dominates us. It seems to have such a strong influence, magnetizing us to always look into another time and making comparisons with the present. It is as if we sit in a high gallery strapped into a chair, our necks braced into position forcing us to look down on a dream which we are taught makes our reality. However, this is true conditioning, a kind of indoctrination.

The past is not in any way dynamic because it is produced by the mind as something which we amount to, something we can either regret or revel in. But above all, it is something we know, especially our personal past. We are separate from it but we can look at it whenever we like – the subject and the object.


In fact, this manmade concept of ‘time’ has been created…

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Soul Management: total awareness

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


Being fully aware is an irritating interruption

to our daily cycle of repetitions.  

It is an inconvenience.

We can be deeply asleep while mindlessly

repeating an endless number of things

during our waking life.

We are programmed by our conditioning

and culture, our status and gender,

our ancestors and karma,

to do so much on auto-pilot,

and so it is convenient to simply repeat

the dream of the past and project it

into the dream of the future.

We seem to have many desires which get

us through each day,

are strictly scheduled,

and many interferences and synthetic urges


But when we are fully aware there is

no arbitrary measurement of ‘time’ –

a concept invented by the controlling mind

to distract us from our deep doubts and fears,

to always shield us from reality with our egos.  

There is no schedule.

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