Soul Management: total awareness

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


Being fully aware is an irritating interruption

to our daily cycle of repetitions.  

It is an inconvenience.

We can be deeply asleep while mindlessly

repeating an endless number of things

during our waking life.

We are programmed by our conditioning

and culture, our status and gender,

our ancestors and karma,

to do so much on auto-pilot,

and so it is convenient to simply repeat

the dream of the past and project it

into the dream of the future.

We seem to have many desires which get

us through each day,

are strictly scheduled,

and many interferences and synthetic urges


But when we are fully aware there is

no arbitrary measurement of ‘time’ –

a concept invented by the controlling mind

to distract us from our deep doubts and fears,

to always shield us from reality with our egos.  

There is no schedule.

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