Soul Management: Touch your Heart Daily Meditation

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

sound-wave-fractalOne day I woke up to the sound of music glorifying

the embodiment of universal love.

I woke up in the vast field of human awareness and

looked back at the bridge of my mind which I had

finally found my way across.

All the clutter and obstacles

thrown up by my intellectual mind had vanished.

I could stand and call you,

encourage you to hurry across your own bridge.

This is my mission.

sensing-energy-between-palmsOne day I woke up to find that I had everything I needed

to find true happiness inside me;

that it had been there all along lime a priceless diamond

sewn into the lining of my coat by a benefactor.

Then, I could tell you that you too have a massive jewell

sewn into your coat lining.

diamondOne day, I woke up bathed in the fragrance of the love

of all the Holy Beings,

but not…

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