Touch Your Heart Daily Meditation: Soul Management

We only use 10% of our potential as humans. Feed your soul with reflective inspiration many times each day.

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

The history of ancient India tells us that there was a Golden Age of Humans when the gods and holy beings dwelt among us.

Our divine spark was burning brightly because civilization was young and we were pure and innocent like young children often are.

As a result there was no need of intermediaries like priests or shamans to contact the spiritual world because we were the spiritual world and not separate from it.

We were actually those highly evolved gods and holy beings.

In that epoch, our accumulated mistakes and bad deeds as a race were few in number, and so no pay-back was required to balance out the energy of the world.

The Universe demands balance because it is constructed from invisible energy not matter as we see it with our limited human eyes.

So, if we allow ourselves to be once more natural, elegant and…

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