The Fall: the criminal mind is fascinating!

Suspend Disbelief to touch millions of karmic imprints!

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The Fall: the criminal mind is fascinating

Do you long to become utterly absorbed in a story, film or piece of art? Do you long to be totally beguiled and to experience another reality in the full which will lead you to know our human existence in more detail?

In our modern lives of super-convenience, I often stop my mindless response and acceptance to become mindful. I take myself to a time and place when and where we lived in close partnership or conflict with nature and its cruelty or benevolence. To a time or place when radio waves had not been harnessed for our entertainment and edification, to inform us of the contents of other minds at the press of a button. In those situations, story and the human imagination were arguably at their peak.

We cannot go back to that state now, but…

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