Daily Reflection: identifying

It is alien to our true nature to pin things down. Let the flow flow.

Your Lands, Stories and Songs

look no furtherStrong emotions arise – this is our true nature – but it is our nature also not to attach the figment of the ‘self’ to this emotion, claiming it, using it to build our identity like a house of cards.

The emotion lands like a beautiful and rare butterfly to wake our entire being, but we must not capture this butterfly, pin it down like a specimen, for its form will turn to powder almost immediately if we do.  An alien’s motive to possess, to archive, will dam its flow of energy and we will become lost forever in mere records of this magnificent creature.

The butterfly’s beauty may be irresistable to us, but just like us it is spirit incarnated in protein and water, its lifespan a brief miracle, its mission to participate in the world’s weather. Survival is crucial so its wings flap at different rates to evade…

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