Daily Meditation: embodiment

Your Lands, Stories and Songs


Perhaps today you will feel a strong emotion,

either negative or positive,

pleasant or unpleasant,

and you may be tempted to dismiss it,

to reject it as unreal, or imaginary.

The potency of your emotions has nothing

to do with your imagination.

It is not intellectual but visceral,

not conscious like the tip of the iceberg,

but unconscious emanating from the massive

invisible part of your spirit

below the surface. 

This is your true nature slipping in between

all the layers of conditioning,

your essence of divine love and light. 

It is Eros, genderless, timeless and spaceless.  

Let this feeling in and stay with it,

accept its ancient randomness.  

Embody your essence and your angel

will be released to allow the topaz pellet

of your divine spirit to explode into the

water beneath your surface.

let go 4

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