Temple Chronicle: 28th February

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We are living in the age of space travel so there are many images and films appearing. This is no coincidence. We are getting further and further away from ourselves, from putting our own Earth in order. We are moving into a gravitation-less state, in pressurised capsules full of flashing alerts and less and less direct contact with other humans, unable to put our feet firmly on the Earth. Such space exploration demands courage and vision, but they are visible emotions, displayed on large screens. It is probable that we are running away from our invisible Earthly responsibilities. We cannot afford yet another clean slate: indeed, there is no such thing except for those who are deluded.

It is salutary that indigenous peoples have no desire to physically conquer space and the universe. They are custodians, not conquerors, content in their spiritual territories. ‘Developed’-humans are marooned in a spiritual wilderness, in a neon-lit world, and so they restlessly search for new thrills, playing with their special toys, and feeling so proud of their advancement, their sophistication.

As they zoom through inner and outer space, they look back at the beautiful planet with sentimentality. It is ‘home’ with all mod-cons, and they created it from scratch. They turn a blind eye to all the destruction and conflict, all the failed states and ecological deterioration – sweep it under the carpet so they can see only a broad expanse of gleaming living space.

But more significant than this ignorance created by extreme filtering is that the gravitational field of Earth is brought about by the special consciousness of divine love, and we are choosing to look elsewhere for it as aliens might. Love is the special energy we and only we are endowed with. No other creation can utilise it. But we squander it, converting it into a possession, a commodity, a currency because we have become so arrogant and gone so far away from our true nature. We prefer instead to float around in our heads synthesising to embodying our divine energy here on Earth. Our blindness and defiant pursuit of pleasure and kudos help us to justify our lack of responsibility, to turn away from the mess we have created as a race.

Fear and delusion drive us into the stratosphere and beyond, breathing artificial air instead of pure oxygen and ozone reserved for our beings of love in the field, encapsulated away behind ever thicker artificial, space-resistant materials, and lost perhaps forever to the Lands of Pure Love.

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6 thoughts on “Temple Chronicle: 28th February

    • lindenthorp says:

      Hello my dear angel,
      Yes, caught up except for one! qUite a marathon.

      Karma yes. Again. Sorry to harp on, but once we get it it is reassuring. We can take care of some attachments perhaps consciously, but the unconscious ones respond to the cutting of negative karma and the accumulating of virtue.

      Football? Ah! I nearly married Brian Kidd (Manchester United) but I didn’t see myself as a football wife. lacrosse was my game. Now it’s enlightenment!

      Btw, how did the show go? Was there a turning point? Sorry not to be there with you as you always are for me. but I’m trying to keep my writing focus for a whole month in prep for approaching agents tomorrow! Will tune in soon and respond.

      So, my dear, one more piece to go for winter training. There’s a prize if you collect them all you know!


  1. new desert says:

    Just saw your last, 29th post. Congratulations, dear Sister, you did it!

    What about March now? Time for a break?

    We were talking about karma on and off and I came across a very interesting message from Kryon this morning which addresses the issue. Here is an excerpt:

    “Innate’s Old Energy Programming

    Now that you know what Innate is, let’s talk about Innate’s programming from the past. In Kryon Book One [1993], I spoke about something that Innate is responsible for. I said, “It’s time to drop your karma.” Karma is energy carried with you as a result of past-life experience, pulled forward through the veil into a reincarnate body. It is an energy of unfinished business. That’s karma. It’s real, and it was needed in an older energy.

    It’s in the DNA and Innate governs it. So when I told you to drop your karma, I told you that you must talk to your body and talk to your cells. When you do that, say, “I am done with the energy of the past. I drop my old karma. I move forward.” These were the first instructions you ever had from me about a process that crosses the bridge from the corporeal self to the Innate. We told you to use pure intent.”

    I clearly resonate with this statement, “I am done with the energy of the past. I drop my old (flaky) karma. I move forward.”

    Have a beautiful new month, dear Sister!

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