Temple Chronicle: 24th February

incongruence 9

I have no need to consciously meditate or pray or recite mantras, to sit carefully before exquisite images and light and incense, arranging time to sit and the particular mind to do it with. Buddha, Jesus, Mahavir, Mohammed never self-consciously sat to offer themselves to the deities, because they knew they had nothing to offer as there is actually nothing in the world. Once I make conscious gestures I must examine the motivation behind them. It is dangerous to make myself separate in such an act.

Of course, I may seek to quell the tormented mind in a beautiful sanctuary, to take refuge, but images can distract me if I gaze on them with emotion, surveying their materials, adoring their form, and ultimately becoming dependent.

I create something which can be dispersed in an act of total generosity, empty of attachment. I create a deity of mud, moulding it with calm un-grasping hands and momentarily worship it – make it worthy or divine – then I throw it back into the river or ocean so it can be dispersed. In this way, I connect directly with the energy river. I make a worthy momentary image and then give it back to the Earth, to the invisible realm. I make a beautiful feast with empty motivation to momentarily make it worthy before I throw it into the forest. I cook a banquet with no agenda except love, and then feed my loved ones making the produce of the Earth worthy before they consume it. Everything is energy and vibrations made sound and light. There is no need to interfere with it: I just leave it alone. This is my true nature.

Our individual good energy temporarily housed in the flesh in the world of form is a prayer, a meditation, a mantra in itself. But with our arrogance we interfere and rearrange trying to make meaning from it. There is no meaning in or of energy.

It is. So be.


9 thoughts on “Temple Chronicle: 24th February

      • new desert says:

        Thank you, my dear loving Sister.

        Happy to be there, indeed, in the middle of life.

        I got the message (dropped within) Saturday night while filling out a form for the radio show that this Thursday would be a “turning point.” Not sure what it means, but it seems to be getting echoed by many others.

        Love & much Light depuis l’autre bout du monde! 🙂

      • new desert says:

        Thank you, my dear, and preferably one turning point at a time!

        You can’t imagine how rocky it is in the house these days….lots of energy vying left and right.

        A healthy sign, my dear. Life is alive, and kicking.

        Bises & much Love

      • new desert says:

        Vers le haut?

        J’espere bien, chere Linden!

        Thanks for making me smile my dear. As you know , going deeper is of interest to me; going deeper in the cave of spiritual spelunking…

        Love & much Light my dear

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