Temple Chronicle: 21st February

architects of our world

Our human lives are a process, a means whereby, but what is the result, the end-product? Our story began with the moment of birth and it will end with the moment of death. Between these two points our physical form develops and matures, and then as its season draws to a close, it starts to shrink and slow. We, our spirits, are temporarily housed in a flesh form to participate in the visual material world which is subject to varied and numerous conditions. It is logical then that the conditioned mind expects results from the progress through the years of our lifespan.

Religions use certain terms for this end-product, this resolution of the years and the effort – Heaven or Hell, Nirvana, Enlightenment, Paradise, Zion, Avalon, Swarga, Valhalla, and so on. But words and images die the moment they appear or are uttered or thought. ‘Birth’ and ‘Death’ are also only words, but we identify ourselves with them – ‘my birth,’ ‘his death,’ and so on, and once again they are dead, in the past, dropped like a heavy stone into a deep pool.

Without using any special labels or grand proper nouns, we have always flowed in the vast wide river of all energy, and we always will. Energy is vibration and light which is subject to no conditions, not even human’s facile ‘time’ or ‘space.’ It goes where it will dependent on nothing, consuming the darkness, flowing and flowing. There are no rewards or results in any dimension except the joy of being and loving with company in our human boats, and breathing in concert.

The conditions throw up obstacles in the way of our flow which create detours, sluggish pools, and rapids. The build up of the heat of negative emotions and violence acted out in the form world, the jarring of separations and limitations, the tattering and fraying of the fabric of the universe at our human hands, causes drought and the flow dwindles to a trickle, or floods which extinguish the divine flame of the flow.

Can you desist from throwing obstacles into the flow now and here? Can you give up your addiction to collecting, to hoarding, to getting and spending, to violent acts of separation from your fellows? Can you say you will no longer depend on creating parallel worlds in your mind with words and images so that you can just flow and flow, laughing and loving? Slap bang in the centre of this moment and in no place in particular, can you accept that there is nothing you have to do except be, and in your full being the flow flows without end?


4 thoughts on “Temple Chronicle: 21st February

  1. new desert says:

    This post of yours, my dear, gave me the impression you are primarily addressing the physical, the material aspects of our lives; which as you so well pointed out in your last sentence have as much to do with the Being as with the Doing;

    Except that some of us will always be caught in the mundane, trivial way of living–and often for a good reason or purpose; raising other human beings, for instance.

    It truly makes me wonder how things work “out there,” or “up there” if you prefer.

    Wishing you a lovely day, spiritual Sister

    • lindenthorp says:

      Hello brother,
      Yes, as my chronicle draws to a close, I’m trying to nudge people awake or into action. I agree that nurturing other humans is a key role and cannot be trivialized. That’s another topic really, but a fascinating one. We should write a guide to nurturing and releasing the trapped Angels! – ‘Un-trapping young Angels.’

      However, as you well know, before we take responsibility for others we need to address our own problems! So, yes I’m using to reach individual minds during this series. Maybe ‘others’ can be the next.

      Enjoy your opening of corks and feast preparation to signal the evening ahead. Xx

  2. new desert says:

    You made me smile, dear Sister.

    Somewhere, somehow, there is still the European ingrained in you.

    On this side of the big blue ocean, we don’t have problems; only challenges! 🙂

    There was no cork this evening, only a tiny bit of Master Oogway’s wisdom, in Kung Fu Panda:

    “Yesterday is history;
    tomorrow is a mystery;
    and today is a gift; that’s why it’s called the present.”

    And it works in French as well: histoire, mystere, cadeau et le present…

    Enjoy the gift!

    Love & much Light, my dear

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