Temple Chronicle: 19th February


Embodying love, being the universal energy of love, cannot be limited to your thoughts, or added to your tomorrow to-do list.

Once we have put our visual accessories ‘time’ and ‘space aside,’ then reality consists only of ‘now’ – this moment not the next or the one before, and ‘here’ – without borders or differences, regardless of weather or religion. Our conditioned mind may think this notion ’embodying love’ is interesting, intriguing even, but it will immediately disappear as thoughts always do the moment you have thought them. By thinking about it, you immediately make it indirect, a mere interpretation. So, create a mindful gap around this seed that has been dropped into your being, and stay in that gap. In other words, resist thinking about it or even giving it a name. Mark it as that ‘thingy,’ or your favourite song – music is concrete so cannot be erased as abstracts can.

Then in this gap, this opening, use your borrowed muscles and limbs to flow or swim into your day ahead. Staying in this fluid state you enter a crowded space, a train carriage, a shopping centre, a classroom. With every square inch of your body and your energy aura you can live that divine love that you have eternally embodied if the conditioned mind is quiet, held back outside the gap, prevented from its usual destructive, interfering activities. Then the love can flow freely, indiscriminately, for all of the people around you: A mountain stream cascading across everything in its path.

You make eye contact only to love. You spread your lips in a smile only to love. You extend your arms and stride forward with your legs only to love. It is absolutely the only ‘agenda’ your spirit has. Then, staying for as long as you can in that identity-less gap, radiate into ‘now’ and ‘here,’ and others will radiate in answer.

This human form your spirit is using has absolute power to touch the other spirits around you. The exterminator ‘thought’ with its negative entourage, is utterly powerless.

In this ‘gap’ is where we truly belong, our true nature. There are no labels or identity. It is the flow and flux of our energy origins, of our love and light.

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7 thoughts on “Temple Chronicle: 19th February

  1. Bruce says:

    Oh if I can only get their, some times I get a little glimmer of that light feeling in my heart , and then quickly the committee comes back in in my mind ! ……. Next month I am doing a five day silent retreat , I can’t wait I know all ready it will be so special . A few years back I spent some time with a nun who
    Did a three heart retreat , after it was over she felt like she wanted to do another three years but did not. Some day a Snows retreat would be great for for me that’s three months long , don’t know I seem to be runing out of time at almost 73 years old, may be death will come first then In my next life I can only help others. Thanks for letting me reconnect with your teachings. Love & Blessings Bruce

    • lindenthorp says:

      Hello Bruce, so lovely to hear from you! And I feel honored that I can touch you in some small way. Yes, that darned committee! Give them the push forever.
      Retreating is to draw closer. It takes courage and trust. Your age is perfect for taking full control of your unique spirit, and then your death will be glorious and a new beginning in the next stage when we will all be together in the brightest light!
      Keep in touch. Love to hear your insights sometime.
      Love and light to you

  2. new desert says:

    Interesting this “gap thing. ”

    To make sure I understand, are you saying we should create a mind / mindful gap in order not to think our thoughts?

    This lead might be of interest to me as I am planning to discuss anger in my next show – anger and its “transmuting” power.

    Perhaps there is some sort of an answer, here in this gap.

    Love & much Light my dear

    • lindenthorp says:

      Good Evening dear traveling brother,
      So glad you want to make sure of this. It is crucial to your happiness and balance.

      The ‘gap’ I mention is without time or space, or any other human-made concepts. Even giving it a name is dangerously near to conceptualizing it, and there’s the rub. Anyway, we can just let the mind stop, gradually slowing down and then eventually stopping so that there is no mind activity. It’s not that you are using force but just giving gentle permission for it to stop. When there are no new words or images there, then the first thing we notice is that we can breathe more freely and attentively. Then the love can flow freely. We are not cluttering up the bridge with archives and objects so we can become utterly aware without the dead accessories of thought and thinking.

      We are truly alive and so we can embody. Water or light will flow anywhere they can or are required, and our essence is exactly that. If we make a gap in this way between mind ‘clutter’ or obstacles then our energy flows.

      Same with anger. Anger is an obstacle thrown in the way by the conditioned mind. If we are mindful then we can see that if we stick to it, if we allow the word ‘anger’ to create static, then we will stop the natural flow. The flow of the human spirit is eternal and unstoppable as you know, like a free wheel, so the obstacles the mind throws like a spanner into its spokes, will temporarily dam the flow.

      If we identify with ‘anger’ by even giving a split second’s attention to even the word, then we will lose control and probably express our ‘anger!’

      Keep the river flowing unimpeded and the tools – words and images – on the bank because they can’t swim!

      Love to hear more from you on this if you are so inclined.

      Flow like a wide green river for the whole evening ahead. Keep those words and images at bay! Today’s post may give you more clarity on this too!

      • new desert says:

        Thanks dear Sister.

        I am also looking at the “usefulness” of that burning thing called anger; so am not sure how to reconcile with your gap concept.

        Anger, be it like fire, allows to purge and purify, when properly tamed and contained within …the container of our mind!

        That is the thread that was burgeoning within yesterday as the title of the show came up:

        Teaming up with anger and its transmuting power.

        Not an accidental burgeoning 🙂

        Love & much Light my dear

      • lindenthorp says:

        The gap is exactly possible when a fire flares up. The flames are hot negative emotions so we should move back or we’ll get burned. Another way to look at this is substituting the word ‘inhibition’ for ‘gap.’ Just a pause to change our habitual reactions, our heavily conditioned reactions. Strong emotions are usually obstacles to the free flow of love.

      • new desert says:

        Thanks for your response, dear Sister.

        I agree about strong emotions being all consuming, and blocking the flow. Somehow, we have to put them to rest.

        Interestingly, and that is in regards to our discussion about mindfulness, a friend of mine who listened to my show on Thursday said that it brought home the importance of paying attention.

        She didn’t say ‘mindful,’ you will notice 🙂

        I am offering you a little passage I found in a blog this evening. Gorgeous. As we are.


        You now know,
        You are what you dreamed.
        You are made by what you thought,
        And you will always reap what you sow.
        The Law is the Law, and it is quite simply this:
        You are here to be what you are,
        To Love as you are loved…
        For all of Creation is this Love of the One.

        Bill Attride

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