Courtesy of Gilles Asselin: wisdom from the Hebrew divinities


Stilling the Mental Body

The Mighty Elohim Speaks on the Seven Steps of Perception, p 36

The mental body is two-fold. It is the receptive consciousness into which the Pattern comes; then, it is perceived, accepted, and when it has been grounded in the mind, the great creative power of the mental body begins to act in a controlled, channeled and rhythmic manner. It creates around the seed idea the form thereof, cutting out of Universal Light the pattern which is necessary to enable that form to become a manifest expression.

Then the mental body summons the feelings and asks the light thereof to flood through that thought-form rhythmically until that form is filled and lowered into etheric substance. From the etheric substance, it is lowered into precipitate manifest form. The rhythm and uniformity of the nourishment of your pattern and design will determine the speed of its manifestation; will determine the quality of your thought externalised; will determine how long it will live in this world of form, and will also determine the blessings which such a precipitation will be to the rest of this race.

There is nothing new under the sun!  If we open our spiritual eyes, all the patterns we can ever need are there!  


6 thoughts on “Courtesy of Gilles Asselin: wisdom from the Hebrew divinities

  1. new desert says:

    Thanks for sharing, dear Sister,

    I typed a bit more to put things in context. I will send you the file.

    The patterns are there, YES, but what the sake of what or whom?

    I can only answer for myself, bien sur.

    Bises & lots of Love,


  2. lindenthorp says:

    Patterns. Gestalt. Form is form. It is a ‘means whereby,’ a raft, a glimpse of the invisible world in code. It wakes us, rouses us, from our physical slumber. Such patterns are a sudden prick in the arm. Disposable. A by-product. Amusing, because in general the mind takes itself so seriously.

    • new desert says:

      The mind takes itself so seriously, my dear, because its business is all about controlling and setting up tricks & traps for us to fall into.

      I just experienced that over dinner, with mister master serving me an old fear dating back to who knows when – the fear of being scolded by my mother. As if I didn’t know it was lurking under the armoire!

      Once we can see our reflection (our creative I AM) in the clear pool that the stilled, tamed mind offers, it is a totally different ball game.

      So why is it that it doesn’t come sooner 🙂 ?

      Love & much Light my dear Sister

      • lindenthorp says:

        Absolutely. It does come sooner, but we’re not ready. We are too busy with permanence! Once we are fully conscious standing in the river of energy, then the patterns will pass by us, and we’ll smile.
        As the Buddhists say, everything boils down to attachment and emptiness. But life is a glorious challenge n’est pas? To stay now and here in eternity and infinity is our natural state.

        Keep those fingers flexing so the sand can pass through them. Always beyond, beyond and beyond.


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