Temple Chronicle: February 3rd


Those who follow.  Those who are followed.  Followers or leaders, there need be no division.  What prevents us from taking the first step to being different from the conformists surrounding us?  Fear?  Prohibitive karma?  Ignorance of the millions of opportunities staring us in the face each moment?

Followers are by their very existence separated from the followed one.  They are the victims of a small act of violence which places them at a disadvantage, rendering them passive to superior instruction.  This is not the Buddha’s way, not the middle way. In adulating even a Buddha, we are being excessive, servile, insincere, because we turn away from our own Buddhahood.   By maintaining an even breath and softening our gaze on what is not real, we become one again, in one heart.  We become one with the master because we are the master.

Such purity is hobbled by a complex system of filters and refineries designed to keep us back, keep us quiet in our sprawling communities, to make way for so-called leaders. This is all enacted in the blind tyranny of the visual world.  Close your eyes and mute your memories and conditioning by embodying your breath, and you will quickly realize that such differences, such separations, are imaginary.

In each tiny interaction with others – a smile, a murmur, a passing fragrance on skin, a positive thought, a word – we leave our traces behind. We cannot see them, count them, or erase them. But our influence endures and we echo it.  Each entity of goodness sparkles and  remains, eternal, but we are blind to them because of our deluded view.

Only when each unique moon of goodness is glowing in its place will the chaos of the sighted be dispelled, and the ocean its original calm.    


5 thoughts on “Temple Chronicle: February 3rd

  1. new desert says:

    There is nothing like following one’s Heart, dear Sister. This is the True Way. Love & much Light

    PS: I may use your note in a future show as it echoes what I have been saying all along. And yet I see humans venerating and praising another one as if she he were a God….human nature, as we know, coupled with a sprinkle, possibly thick, of lack of self-esteem.

    My two ounces of butter for today. As you know, French like to cook, and preferably with butter 🙂

    • lindenthorp says:

      Hello dear Brother Butter Cook,
      Couldn’t agree more with the butter! My cooking is essentially French. I learned so much in the Pyrenees.
      Glad my chronicle is resonating with you. Yes, please use away. I’d be honored.
      Today, the beginning of the spiritual path the masters took. Exploring the Japanese passion for repetition.
      Later my dear. Must visit your show soon. sOrry for my absence. As you know, I’ve been rehabilitating, but I’m back to full writing health now, so……
      Today also I go to collect my permanent residence docs for Japan, so it’s truly a wonderful day. This will be my base for the rest of my days!!!

      • new desert says:

        Congratulations on securing your base, dear Sister!

        I read one paragraph of your note yesterday in my show. The most salient obviously.

        As to the Japanese art of repetition, it seems to me that it goes hand in hand with perfection.

        Love & much Light my dear

      • lindenthorp says:

        Thank you dear brother for reading me! wOw! What an honour!
        By the way, I’ve been negligent in asking how the show’s going! Good audience stats? Hope so! I’ll be tuning in very soon, and hope to write some articles for the Cathars site.
        As to your comment, repetition in everyday life is frowned on in Japan. For example, I can’t get my students to practise anything without huge bribes or grade threats. They perform a presentation once, and think it’s perfect with all its hesitations and mis-pronunciations. But Buddhist practice thrives on it.
        Yes, the topic of perfectionism here is a complex one. Thanks for your comments in this regard – thought-provoking. I’ll be writing about it.

        Enjoy the weekend! Guess it’s pretty cold there by now? How are you settling in?

        Love from the path! X

      • new desert says:

        Thank you, dear Sister,

        Washington state is not cold, fAR from it, and nothing to do with the east coast. And yet snowy mountains are a couple hours away.

        The show is doing well, moving happily into its 2nd year.

        I had a guest the other day who was a walk-in (had a soul exchange); she was very open about her experience which too place in 2008. A great show. Very informative.

        And the Cathars have been quiet lately 🙂

        Love & much Light to you on the other side of the clock, 17 hours ahead of us.

        And before I forget, happy new lunar year!


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