2nd radio interview: 7th Wave, Voice of America


The second of the interviews on Gille Asselin’s radio show ‘ Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker in All of Us’ will be aired on Thursday October 15th at 3.00 – 4.00 pm EDT. In Japan this will 4:00 a.m. on Friday 16th – a rather inconvenient time. However, the sound files are available after the live broadcast so you can listen at a more civilised hour.

I believe the medium of internet radio is perfect for spiritual awakening.  When we listen, we are centred deep within our spirits, and if the mind is at peace, we can step into the bright light of our true nature.  We humans are fleshy vessels to contain spirits of light and love which are connected strongly into our divine origin, and we were born to listen with the ears of our hearts.

Gilles as a seeker and intrepid voyager around the vast ocean of All Souls has had the wisdom to realise how deeply those who listen in this way  can be touched. Melding many religious traditions and experiences of being fully awake , he forges on into the bright light of his spiritual house, staying there for longer and longer periods.

Please join us on this second journey into the world of the Divine. In this episode, we venture into the area of Japanese culture and beliefs, and air ideas about how important it is to sincerely know our feelings as opposed to our thoughts.  Thoughts are dead things which drop in to the past, though we habitually revive and parade them: feelings, on the other hand, are small explosions in the centre of ‘Now’ and ‘Here’ – they are truly alive and kicking, blasting small holes in our outer shell until it is shattered, and our true nature is revealed in all its splendour.

Please join us on Voice America, 7th Wave to hear more.




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