Good Messages: Disintegration

We have to let go of the fragile ‘self,’ to throw away all the masks, to turf out ‘wanting’ and ‘needing,’ in order to reach our higher consciousness and step into the bright light of the expanded field of awareness.

We must realize that the images we have of ourselves are dictated by the media and other forms of propaganda designed to keep down our true nature. We cling on to every word of praise or denigration from others, desperate to be accepted and approved, as if it were the last drop of water we will ever drink, the last crumb! But while we are putting all our animal effort into clinging, like a dog does to a bone, we can no longer hear our higher minds calling to us. ‘Let the bone go! Let someone else have it!’

There is no trust left in the world! If we give our precious bone to another dog, why do we doubt there will be another. Why are we so afraid of loss and scarcity when fear and craving do not exist in the expanded field of consciousness. We have to take risks which means the disintegration of the permanence we have cobbled together out of dreams. Now is the time to make way for the new integrated world. Let the papier-mache reality we have thrown together be rained on incessantly until it becomes pulp once more and flows away down the drains. Let our greed evaporate: in the integrated world, there more than enough for everyone because we are all One with the planet and Mother Nature.

Not until we listen and follow our higher consciousness will the new world be created because we the divine are the only way. The world was made of materials doting on form, and forms were preserved at all cost because we had ceased to trust in what we could not see or prove or collect. We always need evidence and perpetual witnesses to make us memorable in our massive communities and societies, and in the face of death and disappearance.

But in losing trust in the universe, we have lost our integrity. We have become weak and dependent, devoid of spiritual confidence. Integrity of mind does not signify that we have to go to live in the wilderness: we are too weak to survive that. It means that we live happily in this world we have created, loving and supporting each other, and always aspiring to higher states of awareness. Our environment may not change quickly to reflect this integrity because it is matter, but our attitude to it, our view of it, will change totally. There will be different priorities. Without greed there is enough to go around for everyone, and with that sharing mass anxiety will be decimated.

Our energy can flow where it wishes if only we stop throwing up countless obstacles in its way. But the real key to disintegrating and dismantling our complex, immovable ‘selves,’ is having sincerity inside our hearts. Then, once we are certain of our integrity, our wholeness, we must generate the confidence and courage to be always honest and honourable with others. This is the embodiment of pure unconditional love, which is our divine essence.

Words have become small explosives we react to as if our life depended on it. They can easily undermine the fragile selves we live by. Let those plaster statues crack and collapse as those of Stalin and Lenin did after the Soviets were deposed. Let the crumbling heads and hands roll and smash, until we are in a thousand pieces. Then, and only then, will we be free like desert winds and ocean currents. Then rapidly we will integrate ourselves into the fabric of the universe once more, standing deep inside a rock, living with the sun and moon, and walking among the gods.

So, make a start with the dismantling. Listen to yourself honestly, remaining untouched by external views and pressures. At least once in every day, be pure and honest with yourself and with others. This will coax to the surface your true nature, which is indestructible and eternal, and ‘good.’ Please know this well.

True nature needs no fabric, no stone shelters, no secrets, no paraphernalia. It belongs to the Earth and the Universe. So, stand naked and free like the wind and the sky.


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5 thoughts on “Good Messages: Disintegration

  1. new desert says:

    What a colorful message, dear Linden!

    It must be the effect of Hawaii and its divine surroundings, isles and lush vegetation!

    Interestingly, you are very much in synch with Judith Kusel, who was a guest on my show a few weeks back. In her message this morning, she talked about the “disintegration of the lower soul self.” Meaning also the little child and teenager we all were at some point, vibrationally speaking.

    Great souls speak the same language and this must be a sign for me to invite you to speak into the mic!

    When are you heading back, my dear?

    Enjoy the rest of your vacation and much Light & Love


    • lindenthorp says:

      Yes, I read Judith’s message after I write mine! I’m ‘d love to ‘meet’ her! And yes, I’m just dying to talk about our passion and our destiny on your show. I’m here until 7th, home in Osaka on 8th. As I said, I’ll try to log in next week, but it depends where I am. no data roaming here – too expensive! anyway, I’ll let you know.
      Yes, I feel really inspired to arouse people from their slumber! The time is now!!!
      Hope your weekend goes. Well. maybe the first after your epic journey! sleep tight in IKEA beds!
      Kisses and oodles of Love and Light!

      • new desert says:

        Thanks dear Linden,

        Nice to hear from you from not so far away – 4 to 5 hours I believe!

        I like the word “slumber.” True, many of us are a bit sleepy, and yet I believe some of us may not wake up until 2 to 3 lives down the road. Who knows!

        Anyway, I can sense a greater feeling of excitment here, like a new door opening up. This may have to do with the Northwest and the rain which, despite its frequency and plentiness, refreshes us to the core.

        See what happens once we get settled. Our son starts school on Wednesday, which is a big plus in establishing a family routine.

        As to the Ikea assembly line, I got stuck yesterday with the last item I had to mount. But today is a new day, with a new perspective, including on furniture!

        Love & Light my dear, and looking forward to connecting once you get back.

        The good thing about the show is that we don’t have to be live – yet a challenge with time zones. Seattle and Seattle/Phoenix (where the studio is) being 16 hours apart. We’ll discuss.

        Bises, a la franacise!


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