Eclipse of the Moon


If we look at a stunning eclipse of the moon dispassionately, objectively,  as if in a dream, then the feelings of awe that arise, the fleeting impression of beauty which we cannot hold on to, will connect us into our divine origin. These joyful invisible feelings are  freedom. They are the way of the gods.

As one celestial body moves in front of another, blocking the light, we may be tricked into feeling loss, disappointment, distracted from the invisible awe of these imagemovements. The word ‘eclipse’ is not the reality. To feel this event we must back away from the power of the word, the glamour of its meaning. We too are celestial bodies involved in movement in the heavens.


No attachment to possess the moon. No intellectual curiosity or craving to unveil its mysteries. No straining to keep the eyelids from blinking  in case we miss a moment of the spectacle. We can walk away, turn our backs, but the feeling of awe remains. These invisible strands of our higher emotions make the moon part of us. We are not separate from it.

Imagine the eclipse of the moon happening inside your stomach or kneecap. Imagine you are centered in your divine energy, no longer in a finite form. You mingle with moon and sun and universal heart. This is how to best live within the confines of your fleshy form.

Your divine energic being is your eternal home, your origin, your essence. Why let the flimsy flippant intellectual mind uproot and dilute you!

healing 2


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