If we stop in a moment and step outside the moments of our daily lives to look objectively at what we spend our time doing and saying, then what do we see? Mostly tedious and futile acts arising from ingrained conditions and expectations, which we cram into our waking time, and then struggle hard to get credit for.

Is this why we experienced the agony of human birth and development? Is this our special mission in the greater picture, in the vastness of the invisible world, in the universe?
Especially in so-called ordinary human life, we must avoid being drawn to the detail of the mundane, always keeping our awareness of the bigger picture. This indissoluble link with the divine will bring the greatest of all joy and meaning.
So, right now as you read, take a moment to breathe with all of your attention. Feel the great stillness and silence inside your heart as you do so.
Breathe in taking in the futility and tedium which fills the world, and at the natural pivot between in breath and out breath, breathe out the bliss and divinity of our origin back into the universe. Feel the connection with your true roots there and then smile with relief that this mundane life is not your true life.

There is an impostor at large which you must banish!
divine link


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