TouchyourHeart Daily meditation: 5th January, 2014 – for daily mediations go to


Wherever you are, stand or sit comfortably and soften the gaze of your eyes. This is your time, so smile, then put everything else on hold until you have finished this short meditation or reflection.

‘Life is filled with suffering. It is all around us and perhaps we are suffering also. But there is a a world which is free of all suffering. Please know that and have hope. Visualise yourself imprisoned, locked away behind bars, immersed in your suffering or the suffering of others. These bars are placed there by your own mind, the mind of fear, of negativity, of ignorance. If you can transform your mind to a fearless, positive and bright all-knowing mind, the iron bars of your prison will disappear. If the iron bars of your suffering disappear for only one second, you can be certain that you have experienced the mind free of all suffering. With meditation and reflection, you can walk outside your prison more and more often and in so doing become a shining beacon of light for everyone else imprisoned by their minds.’

Now, please partially close your eyes and take these words into your heart. This evening, before you sleep, please check if you have been able to walk beyond the iron bars of the prison of your mind, even for a second. Make a promise to yourself that you will spend one second of every day outside your cell.

prison bars 1

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