TouchyourHeart Daily meditation: 2nd January, 2014


Wherever you are, stand or sit comfortably and soften the gaze of your eyes. This is your time, so smile, then put everything else on hold until you have finished this short meditation or reflection.

‘The New Year of 2014 has started. You have celebrated and made your resolutions. Now you need determination and an unwavering heart to carry through with your plan for the coming year.

In Japan, the fierce image of Achala, is a symbol of pure determination. He sits among red flames holding his sword to cut through all delusions and brandishes his lasso to rescue all sufferings souls to take them to Nirvana. He wears a fierce expression on his face, but his compassion is that of a father devoted to his family. He ruthlessly seeks the truth of the Universe and works tirelessly to liberate all sentient beings from their suffering.

You can generate such determination and work to create the happiness of other beings and seek the truth.’

Now, please partially close your eyes and take these words into your heart.

This evening, before you sleep, please check if you have been able to make your determination diamond-like, and bring joy or comfort to someone in the midst of suffering.

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