Touch your Heart Daily Meditation: 24th December, 2013


Wherever you are, stand or sit comfortably and soften the gaze of your eyes. This is your time, so smile, then put everything else on hold until you have finished this short meditation or reflection.

‘You may think your life is small, that you have little power, that you are nothing or no-one special. Or you may be waiting for your special destiny or mission to appear. In both cases, you tend to feel unsettled, lost, confused.
We individual human beings may be small, seemingly powerless, but even the tiniest of creatures who cannot fly far, even a mosquito, if it sits on the wings of a giant phoenix, can soar into the heavens and survey the whole universe.
Keep watch for your particular phoenix, and then hop on for the glorious journey to the other shore of Nirvana. Know that you are in no way small if you let go of your ‘small’ mentality and consort with phoenixes and other divine beings.’

Now, please partially close your eyes and take these words into your heart.

This evening, before you sleep, please check if you have been able to let go of your ‘small’ mentality so that phoenixes and divine beings will be attracted to you. Your spiritual guide is just waiting for this sign.

sunset over Tokyo Bay-ordination complete

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