The Joy of Zen (II)

Beautiful! Thank you for your kindness in posting this wonderful image. The scenes form this dream are sublime!

I am a Nirvana Buddhist practising in Japan. My mission is to reach out to all people of faith in one heart so that we can unite our light and focus! Only this way will we liberate all sentient beings. All rivers of faith flow into the great ocean of Nirvana!
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In deepest gassho
With unconditional love
Nirvana Linden


In PURE LAND, you can have a rest in the joy of Buddhist landscapes.

You can enjoy the Buddhism music while reading the article- Click here.

The Joy of Zen (II)

The Gate Open to the World

The seven-day practice of Zen is available to the public yearly, which attracts lots of believers to stay and practice Zen in the temple. Unlike other temples, Bolin Temple has never charged for tickets since it reopened in 1988. Whether you are a monk or a householder (householder here refers to the Buddhist who does not become a monk in a temple, but keep practicing Buddhism at home), you can register for a temporary living arrangement in the guestrooms.

According to Mater Mingyi, merely the reception can attract more than 10,000 persons yearly. Most of them are householders. The Bolin Temple welcomes those who are interested in Buddhism, offering a harbor…

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