Practicing with power: Practicing dying in a pure way

What better aspiration could we mortals have than this! Thank you Ryan for your great kindness in guiding us.
Let our trailing cloaks of Bodhi blowing out behind us as we streak along the path carry all sentient beings!
In gassho

Kadampa Working Dad

In virtually all of our sadhana practices, there is some form of self-generation practice. Self-generation practice, in short, is training in dying and being reborn as the deity.  One of the most common definitions of samsara is “uncontrolled rebirth.”  Without freedom or control, we are thrown from one samsaric rebirth to another.  Attaining liberation from samsara, therefore, is taking control of the death process so that we can take rebirth in a controlled way as a deity in a pure land.  Our training in self-generation as the deity is the method for gaining such control.  If we learn how to die and take a pure rebirth in our practice there is a high probability we will be able to actually do so at the time of our actual death.  There are two reasons for this.  First, every time we train in self-generation, we create new karmic pathways in our mind…

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