Japanese Buddhism: Nohmen and Kokoro talk Dharma: 1

1. The tapestry of Life


Nohmen:     ……….you see Kokoro, our life in human form is the best and only chance we have to learn how to love. How to first love ourselves and  then others. In the boundless and eternal invisible world which each spirit inhabits before becoming visible, it may blend with others, or suffer in isolation depending on its inheritance. But when the spirit becomes flesh, and we are born into this world to become visible, we are each unique and yet the same, each here to do the same thing and yet something different.

Kokoro:    It too advanced for beginners Nohmen. You are different level. You still need be in their position. They not understand real love, and real mission. They hearts sleeping.

Nohmen:    Well Kokoro, I’ve told you about this before, but instead of this idea of the invisible becoming visible, instead of learning to love ourselves first and then others, perhaps it would be easier for others to understand this. That each human spirit is a different sized or coloured stitch in the huge tapestry of living beings and organisms.

Kokoro:   What is ‘Tapestry?’

Nohmen:    It’s a thick cloth, textile, woven with different designs or pictures, or embroidered with a pattern or flowers. There is no Japanese word for this I regret. In Europe tapestries are often of historical importance, portraying battles or important events, and they survive for hundreds, sometimes thousands, of years. I suppose in Japan the equivalent is the painted screen, byoubu, which shows us many important moments in Japanese history.

byoubuHercules tapestry- 1765

Kokoro:         Gomen, gomen! Sorry, sorry. Go on.

Nohmen:      So, this huge tapestry, woven with elements and energies from the universe, this amazing creation of the diverse threads of human and sentient beings and natures, unites us all together, together with the whole universe Kokoro. Each being, each human, or animal, plant or rock, different.

Kokoro:         Unique Nohmen! It true identical twins not truly identical – and science not seem to explain this well, or perhaps incapable to do.

Nohmen:       Kokoro, this tapestry of life is our reason to be! It is the culmination of all of our sacred missions combined in one, and that ‘one’ is the Universe. And everyone and every being has an important, vital, place in this tapestry. So, if their place remains empty, then the entire picture will be distorted. Each participant is essential: Each mission different.

Kokoro:          Sugoy!! Wonderful. Wakarimashita. Honto wakarimashita! I understand really! Nohmen san, universe give us everything we need. So, we must stand in our place in ta-pe-sty to show gratitude. We come from universe, from earth! We must show respect and pay back as if parents, no?

Nohmen:       Yes, Kokoro, that’s it. It’s simple I think. All beings and elements fit together, like the threads woven together, the vertical, the horizontal. Each thread is a slightly different colour, maybe slightly different thickness, but everything can be blended together by the energy of the Universe. Now, all we have to do is to get people to listen to this idea.

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