Mindfulness: Be Simple and Easy, Just Rest in Awareness (I) – A lesson from Munindra, a Bengali Buddhist master and scholar

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MINDFULNESS (SATI): Awareness. An alert state of mind that should be cultivated constantly as the foundation for understanding and insight.

A Dictionary of Buddhism, Oxford University Press

For many students, Munindra’s best  teachings took place outside the meditation hall in a very ordinary and detailed way.  According to his students, “he was the epitome of mindfulness all the time.”

“We’d be walking along, and my mind would be running.” Says one of the master’s students, Akasa. “He would say, ‘Oh, look! See the little flower!’ he would bend to look at it and say, ‘See, it grows like this.’ He would lightly touch it, taking me out of my head and back to the earth, back to what was right there. You could say he distracted me back to the present moment. He was very good and very soft with that. Munindra would say, ‘Pay attention…

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